A Colorful Lamp


For a few months now, I have had this lamp… It was solid white with a solid white shade. A blank canvas- It was basically begging to be a project. First, I sorted through my yarn bag to find a few colors that would pair well. I simply tied the first color around the top of the lamp base and began to wrap. When I decided it was time to switch colors, I pulled the yarn until I had a length that would wrap around to what would be the back of the lamp. I then tied the next color of yarn to the first, and held the tails down against the lamp base. As I wrapped, I covered the tails and the knot with the yarn. I continued this all the way to the bottom and then tied it off.

When I began, the lamp base had an ugly spot where a sticker had been peeled off. I knew the answer to covering that up had to be buttons! I pulled out my jar of green and blue buttons and searched for some coordinating colors in various sizes. I used my hot glue gun to attach the buttons to the base and let the glue cool and dry.


While the glue was drying, I mixed up some coordinating colors of watercolor paint for the shade. I hadn’t experimented with watercolor on a lampshade before, so I tried some super saturated colors and then tried some that had been really watered down. On the second stripe from the top, I painted water on the shade before I put any color on it, which gave it a means to run and spread.

This project is an easy, cheap, and fun way to dress up a plain old lamp. I might buy another lamp just to make another in a different color!




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