Elbow Patch Sweater


I love a simple sweater. I also love a simple sweater with a small unique detail, such as elbow patches. It’s such a fast and easy way to add a little character to a plain sweater.


Begin by selecting your sweater (make sure it’s been washed so it will not shrink after you add the patches), select the fabric you’d like for your patches, and choose a coordinating color of thread. Put your sweater on and, using a marker, make an x where your elbow is. Cut two oval shapes, approximately 1/2 inch larger than you’d like your elbow patches.


Place your patch over the x you made where your elbow will be. Fold about an eight of an inch of fabric under all the way around the patch, and pin it to the sleeve of your sweater. Then, hand sew an overcast stitch all the way around the edges of the patch. Tie the string off and cut the excess. You can go around twice if you’d really like to reinforce it. Follow the same process for the other sleeve.


There you have it, elbow patches on your sweater!


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