How to Sprout

Sprouting your own seeds provides you with something very nutritious, is much cheaper than purchasing sprouts at the store, and is very easy to do. I have a blend of radish seeds, fenugreek seeds, and clover seeds. You can sprout all sorts of seeds and beans. Get yourself a sprouting jar if you like (I purchased on for under five dollars at a health food store), but I have used a mason jar with cheesecloth over the top.

Here’s how to sprout your own seeds:


I usually sprout two tablespoons of seeds at a time. That way, I know I will eat them all and not waste any. Place your seeds in your sprouting jar and covered with filtered water. Soak your seeds overnight.


The next morning, drain the water off of the seeds and rinse with fresh water once or twice. Every morning and night rinse your seeds with fresh water. For the seed mix I’ve been using, it usually takes about four days until I feel like they have sprouted enough. When most of the seeds have sprouted and have long tails, go ahead and serve your sprouts on salads, in sandwiches, or just to munch on. They go great in my sunflower ‘tuna’ salad wraps. Check out the recipe here.



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