Reusable Shopping Bags


One of my closest friends suggested I do a reusable bag craft post. So, here it is! I purchased a cheap reusable shopping bag and sketched out my idea on paper. I then gathered my pencils, permanent markers, and acrylic paint. I sketched my design onto the bag in pencil first. That way, if I messed up I could just wash the bag and remove the design. I then traced over my letters in permanent marker.


I placed sheets of paper inside the bag so the design wouldn’t bleed through. I watered down my acrylics so that my image would have a watercolor feel. The fabric was very accepting of the paint and did not bleed, but still allowed me to blend the paint.


Once I had all my veggies filled in and allowed the paint to dry, I filled in the details and went over the outlines in permanent marker. I decided at this point to thicken my letters a little as well to make them pop more. There you have it. A fun and easy craft to do while watching a movie on a windy fall afternoon. I actually love this bag so much that it may become my purse!


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