Sugar Skull Sweater DIY


For the upcoming Day of the Dead, I wanted to have something special to wear. I am fond of painting sugar skulls, and had a white sweater laying around that I had been planning to decorate anyway. I began by drawing an outline of a skull on a large piece of paper. I placed the sweater over a large sketchbook and slid the stencil on the inside of the sweater. I then tied the sleeves on the opposite side I would be painting to keep the sweater taut.


I traced the skull outline onto the back of the sweater and filled in designs throughout the skull shape using a black fabric marker. I allowed it to dry completely.


Using acrylic paints, I filled in the shapes with color. I watered the paints down a little so they would spread more easily. They did bleed outside of the lines a little, but I don’t mind the watercolor look. I let it dry and then placed it in the dryer to let the heat set the design. I am unsure of whether or not the colors would bleed if it is put in the washing machine, but I intend to handwash it to prevent bleeding as much as possible. Happy Halloween!


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