Paper Bag Notebook

One of my favorite quick and easy projects to make is a paper bag notebook. Sometimes I forget to bring my reusable shopping bags along and I end up bringing my groceries home in a paper bag. So, when I have a few stacked up, I make these!

What you need:

  • a few paper bags
  • glue
  • cutting mat
  • scissors
  • xacto knife
  • ruler
  • paper punch
  • string
  • pretty paper


Begin by cutting the bottoms off of the paper bags. Then, cut up one of the side folds so that you have one big flat piece of paper. I like to make different sizes of notebooks, so you can cut the paper into sheet sizes as you see fit.

Once all of my paper is cut, I measure out a piece of paper that will function as the spine. I like to make it about three inches wide so that it gives a nice overlap of color on the cover and provides enough room as the spine. Then make two folds in the pretty spine paper so that in the center there is a half inch of space. Then glue two sheets of paper bag paper to the inside of the spine paper, as seen below. This will serve as your cover.


While the glue on the cover dries, punch holes in each of the pieces of notebook paper so that they may be bound together. Once you have holes punched through each of these sheets, string some yarn through the holes. I like to tie my yarn with enough room that the pages will not have to bend when they are opened. Tie each piece of yarn together into a knot and trim off the excess yarn.


Then, place the cover around the bound pages. Glue the first and last pages onto the cover. Let dry and use!



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