Sneaker DIY


I absolutely love to be able to wear one of my crafts. Therefore, anytime I am in a thrift store, I am searching for blank canvases, so to say. I found these Keds for $2.99. They appear as though they’ve never been worn! So, I scooped them up and got to brainstorming. I am not the biggest fan of hot pink, so I decided I would need to tone down the all-over pink to make them fit into my wardrobe a little better. I grabbed two different sizes of fabric markers and began.

First, I filled in the part of the shoe near the grommets with my black fabric marker. It was a good way to tone down and break up the pink, and it sort of reminds me of saddle shoes.

The front space on the shoe is a great place to put in a funky, complex image. I decided on drawing a mandala-style image. According to my research, what most people consider a mandala design today varies a lot from the original symbolism of the mandala. Anyway, once I finished the mandala design on one shoe, I drew a mirror image of that design onto the other shoe. They aren’t perfect mirror images, by the way, and that’s okay with me!



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