Cat Tights DIY


I have been seeing all sorts of adorable cat print tights all over the internet lately. I am totally a cat person (well, an animal person), and I love quirky tights. So, instead of spending $20 on something I knew I could make myself, I bought a pair of tights for $2.50 and grabbed my lovely fabric markers.


I began by putting the tights on and making a mark where I wanted the tops of the cat faces to be. I then cut cardstock narrow enough to fit into the tights and slipped it inside the tights from toes to top. I then drew the outline of cat faces on the thighs of my tights with black fabric marker. I wanted the negative space to make the shapes on the faces.


I then mixed acrylic paint with enough water to make it runny, but still quite opaque. I filled in the design from the toes to the tops of the cat faces on the front and let it dry completely.


After the front dried, I painted solid lines on the back of the tights where they lined up with the back of that cat faces’ cheeks. I then filled in the color from these lines down to the toes. Then, I let that paint dry completely. I removed the cardstock from the inside, and that’s that! Cat tights. Ta-da!


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