Tree Printed Jeans DIY


I try my best to live in a minimalistic way. I was wandering through a thrift store- where I often go for inspiration and supplies for projects- and I found a pair of jeans I really liked. I already own two pairs of jeans, so I began to talk myself out of buying them. But, I began to rationalize the purchase by telling myself I would just have to turn them into a project of sorts. They’ve been sitting on a shelf in my closet while I waited for inspiration to strike. And, it did! I decided I would paint a tree on them as a wearable reminder of the importance of my connection to nature.    IMG_0069


  • Jeans (or any pants, really)
  • Black acrylic paint or black fabric paint (You could do this with browns and greens too, but I like the simple silhouette)
  • Narrow paint brush

Begin by selecting what kind of tree you like. I decided on an oak. I studied several pictures of them to get the idea of what the shape of the tree is. Decided where on the jeans you’d like the tree to be placed and how large you would like it to be.


Paint the shape of the trunk and paint the root system. I allowed some of the denim to show through to give it texture. I found it easiest to use a stippling technique to paint the roots, as the paint doesn’t spread as easily as it would on paper or canvas.


Paint the top of the tree’s skeleton. You can keep it simple since there will be leaves covering a lot of the branches. Once again, I used a stippling technique, just as I did with the roots. Next, dab on large shapes of leaf clusters. Remember that trees are not symmetrical, and light shines through the groups of leaves. It helped me to study black and white photos of trees in order to see how the light shines through the leaves. Just continue to dab of the leaf shapes until the tree has some fullness and volume to it. Allow the paint to dry totally, then enjoy your wearable work of art!



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