2013 Favorites: Goals I Accomplished

I kind of write a lot of lists. Lists of goals, to do lists, grocery lists… It just keeps me organized and on top of things. I looked back at some of the goals I checked off this year… There were a few I didn’t get to, but that’s alright… They can be accomplished in this next year. Here are a few that I did get around to…

  • Take B12 vitamins- I tend to forget to take it every day, but close to it.
  • Set up my portfolio website- You can see it here!
  • Start blogging 🙂
  • Create something 4 times a week- Every week I make new recipes and new projects
  • Do yoga every day- Every once in a while I miss a day, but it just feels so amazing to move and stretch my body every day. Yoga is my favorite form of exercise. I do love to dance like a crazy person, too, though.
  • I set a goal of painting 40 paintings this year. I knew that was a crazy goal, but I made it to 33.

It’s fun to see the things I wanted to get around to in 2013. I have my list for 2014 written up already!


5 thoughts on “2013 Favorites: Goals I Accomplished

  1. said-simply says:

    Kayse, what I like about the list you published in this post is that your goals were realistic and that you were honest. You got some things done you set out to do and you stay disciplined on some of the other things but gave yourself grace when you missed a day or two. Its nice to see someone living with that kind of acceptance. I checked out your art website too. Your paintings and photographs are lovely and your design work is very nice. Hope 2014 is a great year for you!


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