Homemade Paper DIY

If you’ve never made homemade paper before… You’ve got to try it. One of my close friends was home over her holiday break, so we piled up a stack of scrap paper and started crafting.



  • Window Screens
  • Paper scraps in a variety of colors
  • Blender- you may want a separate blender for papermaking- you can pick one up at a thrift store
  • Towels
  • Wax Paper
  • Access to water


Gather the paper scraps you want to use- you will need about 2 cups of scraps. Rip them into pieces and throw into a blender. Pour in two cups of water.


Blend until desired consistency is reached. I like to have some larger pieces remaining for extra texture.


Pour blended paper onto window screen into a rectangular shape, and cover with wax paper. Place hands over wax paper and press out excess water.


This is my dear friend, Emily, pressing glitter into one of her creations.


You can sprinkle all sorts of things onto your paper. Or cut out letters from a magazine and get the letters wet and stick them on.


Once you have squeezed excess water out of the paper pulp, quickly flip the screen over on top of a towel. The paper should fall right off the screen; if not, just tap the screen a little and it should fall off easily.


Place towels on top of paper and lay books on top of the towels. This will keep the paper from curling as it dries. I actually forgot to do so, as you can see from the photo below. Once your paper is dry, you can use it for all sorts of paper crafts like scrapbooking and card making.



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