My Ten Favorite Things to Do In Winter


Let’s face it, Minnesota winters are long, cold, and pretty depressing for most people. To beat the winter blues that are so common around here, there are a few things that I like to do to uplift my spirits.

  1. Snowshoe- I received two sets of snowshoes as a Christmas gift a few years back… and I snowshoe as often as the weather will allow.
  2. Craft/Paint- I love to settle into a cozy house and craft or paint… There’s nothing like doing something inspiring and productive when it’s too cold to be outside.
  3. Photography- I try to photograph the snowy landscapes to remind myself of how beautiful it is.
  4. Moonlight Walks- When the moon is big enough, the light reflects off of the snow, and I enjoy walking through the woods late at night.
  5. Read- I love to cozy up inside and drink tea and crack open a good book.
  6. Have a Fire- Gathering wood and having a bonfire is a wonderful way to enjoy a warmer winter day, you know, like when it’s about 20 degrees F.
  7. Play With My Nieces- Just the other day, my sister and I put her littlest one’s car seat into a sled and my two nieces, sister, and I stomped through a foot and a half of snow. It was a wonderful reminder of how much joy the snow used to bring me as a child.
  8. Yoga- To keep my spirits up in any season, I do yoga. It is the best way to clear my mind and stretch, move, and strengthen my body.
  9. Cook Wonderful Meals- I love to eat in any season, I won’t pretend I don’t. There is something especially wonderful, though, about eating a fabulous meal when the weather is so cold and dreary. There isn’t much that is as comforting as some warming, delicious food during the winter.
  10. Spend Time With Friends- It warms the soul to spend time with really special people. I’ve been enjoying a lot of time playing board games with friends lately.

Well, that’s it… What are your favorite things to do in winter?


7 thoughts on “My Ten Favorite Things to Do In Winter

  1. Emily says:

    When the snow is falling I like to brew a large pot of sleepytime tea, curl up on the couch and watch the snowflakes dance through the night sky (now that I live in the city the streetlights add a different ambiance). I also like watching neighbors help each other out in the snow 🙂 It is a great time for a community to come together!


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