Birdie Teacups


I just had to share these. I love to shop in thrift stores and antique stores; it’s like treasure hunting. These are my most recent finds. Aren’t they beautiful? At first, I thought I’d make them into planters or candles, but now I think I’d just like to use them for drinking tea.


6 thoughts on “Birdie Teacups

  1. Hello, Scarlett says:

    I love them! I went thrift store shopping yesterday and found a little ceramic creamer and sugar bowl with owls on them. They are somewhat similar to your teacups here. Great find!



    • kayseartsandhealth says:

      Thanks 🙂 I’m a totalllll sucker for funky dishes. Especially teacups. There’s a thrift store in my town that sells old dishes for .59 and .99 cents apiece. I can’t go there often because I always come home with more dishes ha!


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