Super Quick Valentine DIY

IMG_0025 2

I needed a quick card and envelope for my ‘Galentines’ Day gift for my friend Haley (Parks and Rec reference, anyone?).  I dug through my paper stash and found something pink and purple. You can use any size paper you’ve got, the proportions don’t really matter.


  • xacto knife
  • self healing mat
  • paper
  • metal ruler

IMG_0009 2

Begin by cutting your paper into a long rectangle. Fold the paper 5/6 of the way up and crease. Fold the smaller top flap down. Crease. Unfold.

IMG_0008 2

Make a half inch incision on either side of both creases. Measure the center of the paper the short way. Place the ruler at this center point and pivot to the inner edge of one of the cuts in a crease. Cut this diagonal and repeat on the other side; you will make a triangle.

IMG_0012 2

Using the incision marks as a guide, fold over the sides of the rectangleIMG_0017 2

Write a message inside.IMG_0014 2

Fold up like an envelope. I taped the sides shut with clear tape and dropped in the necklace I made as a gift. Fold the top flap down and sticker shut. This Barbie sticker was the only sticker I had. It was perfect for ‘Galentines’ Day.IMG_0024 2


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