Moon Phase Pillowcase DIY


So, I realize now that I realllly should’ve ironed this, but I don’t own an iron. Maybe I need one just for crafts? Anyways, I’ve had this pillowcase hanging around being boring for quite a while. I played with all sorts of ideas of how to decorate it, but nothing quite seemed to fit. Then suddenly, an idea struck like lightening (does this happen to anyone else?!). A moon phase pillow. Perfect!! A friend of mine stopped by while I was creating this one and got a good chuckle… I get really into my crafts, covered in paint, and wide eyed.



  • boring solid colored pillowcase, in whatever color suits you and a moon-colored color scheme  (black would be great here, and I just realized I have a black pillowcase somewhere……)
  • fabric paints or acrylic paints- I used a few different shades of yellow blended with white for the main part of the moons and accented them with white and gray
  • paintbrushes
  • some sort of palette for mixing and pouring paint colors
  • a drinking glass, or something similar that has a thin, round rim


Begin by sliding a sheet or two of paper inside the pillowcase to prevent bleeding. Then, paint your base yellow color around the edge of your drinking glass. Stamp a full circle in the middle. On either side of that, stamp 3/4 of a circle, then 1/2, then 1/4. Fill these shapes in with your base color. Blob in some dots of white and gray for texture. Let dry. Heat set it if you wish. Slide a pillowcase inside, and enjoy.


Hahah! I have quite the eclectic collection of bedding- my grandmother made my quite and my dear friend made the pillowcases behind my moon phase pillow.


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