View From My Yoga Mat


As I was doing yoga in the living room today, I saw something fly past the window and thought, “Wow! That must’ve been a huge woodpecker.” I looked out the patio door, and I saw a big ol’ turkey looking right back at me.  There ended up being three turkeys hanging out in the backyard by the bird feeder.


Look at those colors!!


And our big pileated woodpecker came to visit too.


Then, a short while later, there were seven deer in the backyard. Seven!!


I love living out in the country. I really do.


4 thoughts on “View From My Yoga Mat

  1. the compassionit says:

    omg! You are so lucky to have such adorable neighbors! When I visit my mom in the country I love days like these, all the animals seem to come out at once.
    Beautiful photos too! Thanks for brightening my day!


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