Tie Dye Yoga Pants DIY


So, I am super excited about this one! In fact, I haven’t taken these pants off since they came out of the dryer yesterday. I had seen a pair of tie dye yoga pants online that were selling for $56, and well, I rarely spend more than ten dollars for a clothing item, so those were out of the question. (Besides, thrift store shopping is like a big giant treasure hunt!) So I found a pair of white yoga pants and bought some pearl gray dye. I ordinarily would like to use naturally occurring pigments, but for something with synthetic fibers in it, like spandex, I decided to use RIT. Synthetic fibers just don’t take to natural dyes the way cotton does. Of course, you can make these in a fabulously bright color, but I tend to wear neutrals more than anything. I am thinking I want to make another pair in a burnt orange color. How beautiful would that be?!


  • White yoga pants (or any white pants, really)
  • Dye in the color of your choice
  • Rubber bands
  • A plastic tote or bucket for putting the dye into (optional if you choose to do this in your washing machine)


I placed a rubber band around the leg mid thigh, then one above the knee on each leg. You could add more if you’d like more stripes.

Midway between the bottom rubber band and the bottom of the pants, I pinched a small section of fabric and tied a rubber band around it. I made sure this section of fabric was on the outer side of the leg. Then, I tied a rubber band around a section of fabric a few inches farther onto the leg. And another after that. I repeated this on the opposite leg. The picture above shows what my pants looked like with all the rubber bands on them.

I then followed the instructions on my box of dye…. I filled a plastic tote with 3 gallons of hot water, mixed in the dye powder, and wet down the pants. I put my pants into the dye bath and stirred them around until they were submerged. I allowed my pants to sit in the dye bath for 30 minutes. I rinsed them in warm water, turning it down to cool as I went. Once the water ran clear, I squeezed the excess water out and ran them on a cycle in the washing machine. Before I put them in the dryer, I took the rubber bands off. Then I put them in the dryer.

I was listening soooo intently to hear the click of the dryer turning off. I’ve been wearing them ever since.

Eeeeek! They’re so comfortable and fun!



7 thoughts on “Tie Dye Yoga Pants DIY

  1. So funny to see this! I have about 8 shirts to tye die, I bought the 9-10 color kit. Going to make the girls a couple shirts too. So busy, haven’t done it yet.


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