Watercolor Wednesday

deer2I am starting a new weekly posting called, ‘Watercolor Wednesday’, posting a photograph of one new watercolor painting a week. I think it will be a good way to motivate myself to create more often. It’s one of my goals to do forty paintings this year… and I’m pretty behind.

This deer is part of a series of different animals that I’m painting in this style.

Watercolor painting is wonderfully therapeutic for me. I used to only paint in acrylics because I hadn’t learned how to use oils and watercolors would frustrate me so much. I thought watercolor paint was uncontrollable and had a mind of it’s own. I still think that’s true… I’ve just learned tricks to manipulating the way they will blend and flow. I often don’t know what a painting will look like when it’s dry. Watercolor painting taught me a lot about letting go and not needing to be in control things, even outside of my studio.



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