Life Lately…

Lately, life’s been all about trying to get out in the sunshine… And working on school. Remember on the first of this year I wrote about my goals for 2014? Right now I’m accomplishing one… I’m completing Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition program. So my free time has been pretty devoted to that.


This is the site of my future garden. I can’t wait to get it tilled up and planted.

IMG_2233 IMG_2236

Seeds are started 🙂


Lately I’ve been watching the rain fall….

IMG_2318 IMG_2320

And watching the rest of the snow melt.

IMG_2309 2

The neighborhood woodpeckers have taken over many a tree here.


I’ve been sitting in my favorite tree, reading a lot, lately.


And wandering in the woods.


He’s sooooo cute.

IMG_2178 IMG_2085

I discovered a bird I’d never seen before- a grackle.


I’ve been piling up wood for future bonfires.


I’ve been walking barefoot in the mud… A lot. Hence, cleaning the floor, a lot.


I planted the window box in front of the garden shed with some little plants that I found growing down by the pond. I’m hoping they take root and grow. They look like little strings of Hens and Chicks.


The birds are beginning to trust me more. They’ve been getting used to eating at the bird feeders while I’m sitting on the patio near them.


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