Life Lately


Lately, when I am not at work, I’ve been wandering outside a lot. Things are beginning to turn green, and I’m grateful. My new rubber boots have come in handy, as it’s been ridiculously wet and rainy for weeks.


I made a few terrariums the other day, but I want to make sure they really take root and flourish before I share the process of making them. I’ve never made them before.


I found this growth on a piece of rotting tree. It’s almost an entire world in itself.


It hailed for about five minutes the other day. Just small pieces of hail, but enough to make a lot of noise and be visible on the ground.


I’ve been spending time with my nieces.. In only a month, Lilly will be one. It’s truly hard to believe. She always has crazy hair.


Sophia turns four this week. She’s a slightly smaller, slightly sassier version of myself. She even told me the other day that she takes after me. We’ve got something special together, for sure.


These are my favorite jeans. I am generally in a really good mood when they look like this. I’ve spent a good portion of the last two days picking rock from my garden space. The dirt isn’t ideal, but with a lot of love, I think I can get a few things to grow. After a few years of a good garden being established in this spot, I think I can turn the soil around and have a garden to be proud of.


I’ve drawn up a map of the things I intend to grow this year. I’ve been studying companion planting and I’m going to keep a detailed journal of my garden this year. I think if the weather cooperates, I can finally get a few of the early spring veggies in the ground. I’ll just save enough seed to be able to replenish if they don’t make it. It’s still supposed to get down to thirty degrees here at night. Yikes.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you proud Mamas out there! Keep up all of your hard work and love. Relax and enjoy this special day.




3 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. said-simply says:

    Like the picture of the chunk you pulled off the rotting tree. Its amazing to me how things grow in nature. The tree that died became the perfect environment for those vibrant green shoots and the moss and whatever else was growing. Your description is really good. It would be interesting to discover all the life-forms that rotting tree was supporting.


      • said-simply says:

        Pretty amazing! I’ve always found that a fascinating reality. When I walk through the woods that reality is just so vividly present. I think it correlates with a lot that occurs in life too. Something we value or cherish ends or “dies” and out of that death new life springs up. Kind of a cool principle.


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