My Niece’s Fourth Birthday


I honestly cannot believe it, but my niece, Sophia, is turning four today. I love her with the kind of love that I can only imagine a mother feels for their own child. It’s been an amazing process to watch her grow… From listening to her sing a song she called “Doo-Doo Pocket”, to hearing her sing the real words to that song as she grew old enough to understand.. From our greeting to each other being a scrunching up of our noses before she knew how to speak, to being greeted by the name ‘Auntie Ponti Pont Pont Pont’. Everytime I hear her voice, my heart beams. She is truly spectacular. She (and her little sister) are my daily reminder to live in a way that I can be proud of, as a model for the women I hope they become. I am grateful for Sophia and the joy she brings every day. Thank you to my sister and brother-in-law for the wonderful beings they have created.

Happy Birthday, Sophia! I looooooooove you.



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