Watercolor Wednesday


This week’s Watercolor Wednesday is a work in progress.. It’s hard to do an entire painting every week, especially now that I have a large garden to keep up with.

This piece is for a friend who is potentially going to use it for a band poster, which is why I want to really invest my time and effort into it. It’s going to have a starry night sky, snow covered pines, a golden moon, and a pack of wolves. For some reason, of all creatures, wolves are easiest for me to paint. There’s some sort of spiritual connection that I’ve got with wolves, even though I don’t think I’ve seen one in the wild. I remember realizing when I was ten years old that I had a connection to them. I had some  mystical wolf paintings hanging in my bedroom. I redecorated a few years later, and forgot my strong spiritual connection with wolves until a few months ago and this is my third painting of wolves since then.


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