Life Lately…


I’ve been so busy lately… I feel like I haven’t made a recipe to share or a DIY for a while. I’ve been getting back into the groove of shooting weddings. It’s terribly exhausting, yet wonderfully rewarding.

I’ve been spending most of my free time outside. There’s a robin’s nest outside the back door. There are four little babies out there.


This is the first iris that bloomed in our yard.


And here it is again, up close.


My garden is coming along quite nicely. I just put tomato and pepper transplants in.. as well as seed potatoes. My cucumbers and beans and onions are about 6 -8 inches tall. The carrot tops are popping up and the kohlrabi and beets are a few inches tall already. The kale, brussels, cauliflower, and broccoli are two to three inches tall. The radishes are 4 inches tall and growing quickly. The basil, cilantro, and dill are coming up too.


I planted two different kinds of peas and some of them are a foot tall already.


I got a bunch of strawberry transplants from the neighbor across the road. They’re doing well, and it looks like they all survived. I got 4 raspberry transplants as well… One of them is at my eye level!


I got this cute little fella from my sister’s garden. And one with a tiger in the center.

I’ve been trying to keep life simple… Relaxing and enjoying the weather and taking good care of my garden.


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