DIY Simple Gold Wine Bottle Bud Vase


This DIY project is so simple that I almost feel silly sharing it, but it’s one of my favorite things in my kitchen right now.

Our peonies have started blooming and they’re so perfect and so gigantic, that they look fake.They look like they’re made out of thin, delicate paper. I love having a vase of cut flowers on the kitchen table. These peonies, though, are so large that they’d look awkward with any other flower in a vase next to them. In comes the bud vase. I didn’t have one, so, empty wine bottle, spray paint, and here I go.

It’s simple. Place clean, dry, empty wine bottle on newspaper outside or in a very well ventilated area, like a garage with the doors open, and spray evenly and lightly with gold spray paint. You could use any color you like, but I’ve been really into gold this summer, so that’s what I chose. It’s also the only spray paint I had… ha!

Once the paint has dried, add another even and thin layer and let dry. Repeat again if necessary. Once paint is totally dry, fill bud vase with water and stick in a giant, beautiful flower or two. Or, if you’ve not got anything in bloom, toss in a fake flower. I have two of these bottles, actually, the other is on my desk with fake flowers in it.




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