Watercolor Wednesday


I totally forgot last week. I even had this piece finished and just forgot to post it. I’m not all too great about remembering what day of the week it is… I also forgot to put the garbage out to be picked up. Ooooops.

It’s funny painting a snowy scene now that summer has finally arrived. But it’s what I envisioned for this particular project, so that’s that. I’ve learned that I often try to put too much detail into small parts of paintings… For example, in my head, the wolves’ fur was much more defined… It just wasn’t possible once I saw them on the paper. They’re much too small to paint in individual hairs. I might work in another layer of color and fur on them, but I’ve been looking at this piece all week, thinking that it just might be finished.


6 thoughts on “Watercolor Wednesday

  1. said-simply says:

    Kayse this is fantastic. I love the moon and the space immediately outside of it. The colors are great. The wolves each evoke a uniqueness and personality of their own. Great painting!


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