DIY Clothespin Multiple Picture Frame


I was a pack rat when I was a child and sometimes I still find myself keeping things ‘just in case’. I do my best not to, but art and project supplies are hard for me to give up. I’ve had this frame for many years, always waiting to figure out a way to use it. It once had a canvas stretched behind it, with a ridiculous painting of an eggplant on it, used for a theater production… but that didn’t seem to suit my home decor.

This project ended up sort of functioning like a bulletin board.. A place to pin up pictures and inspiration and be able to switch them around and put up new ones when I’m ready.

Oh yeah, and I realized that the feather is flipped up on the top row.. Ooops. To be honest, that’s minor enough that I just don’t care to retake the photo. Sorry!


  • 1 frame- of any size
  • nails
  • hammer
  • string- hemp, yarn, ribbon, wire, just something sturdy and substantial enough for the clothespins to hang on to
  • clothespins
  • photographs, feathers, etc.


Gather supplies, prepare frame by painting if necessary. I reinforced the frame by stapling the backside of the corners to prevent them from sliding apart or stretching in any way.


Decide where you want the strings for hanging the pictures. Pound nails sideways into side of frame, in the spot that you’d like the string to hang from.

Tie yarn, hemp string, any kind of strong string, from nail to nail. Allow a small amount of slack, but the string should be fairly taut in order to support the weight of the pictures without bowing too much.

Hang frame on the wall.

My clothespins are probably fifteen years old- when I was a kid, we had a bucket of clothespins sitting out next to the laundry line and they aged from sun and water damage.. I put a handful in my crafting supplies and used them here. That’s why they’ve got a vintage-y, rustic look to them- I wish I had a tutorial on how to age them other than to let them sit outside for a decade. Using clothespins, pin up photographs, feathers, anything that inspires you. That’s it! It’s quick and easy and requires little commitment, which is something I like when it comes to my home decor.

IMG_9060-2  IMG_9072-2


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