The Similarities Between Gardening and Yoga

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The other day, when I was in an accidental downward facing dog pose, picking strawberries in the neighbors garden, it hit me that there are several commonalities between gardening and yoga. Other than the obvious physical contortions..

In both situations, one is trying to culminate growth. In yoga it is personal and spiritual growth, advancing physical strength and faith in one’s self. It takes time to cultivate the strength to do some poses or to progress enough to have a clear mind. In gardening, a person is trying to help plants grow; investing the time and effort from seed to harvest.

Both activities require patience. It takes time to build physical strength and flexibility, and to get the mental stamina to continue practicing. Gardens take patience. It’s incredibly difficult to check the garden every day when things are seedlings, but know you have to wait until things are ready.

Yoga and gardening both take practice. The various asanas and poses take practice to learn to do properly. Gardening takes practice as well. Year after year, I learn new lessons from my garden. It takes practice to learn what will grow best, and where and why.

Daily commitment is required for both yoga and gardening, if you wish to get the best results.

Both gardening and yoga take faith, hope, and trust. Yoga takes faith and trust in one’s self and hope for improvement and progression. Gardening takes faith and hope in your seeds, soil, and self. It requires a person to trust their efforts to Mother Nature.

Finally, they both require commitment. Yoga takes perseverance to obtain optimum benefits. Gardening takes determination. It requires relentlessly keeping after weeds and taking care of your plants.

In my life, both gardening and yoga play pivotal roles in helping me to feel calm and strong. I have a daily practice of both and both have become habitual. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the results of my commitment and patience, both on my mat and in the dirt.


2 thoughts on “The Similarities Between Gardening and Yoga

  1. said-simply says:

    Kayse, this is an excellent and challenging article. The points you make really connect with me. I like how you find a connection between the physical act of practicing yoga and working your garden to the spiritual benefit both activities can cultivate in one’s mind & heart. Really enjoyed reading this and appreciated your insights. Eli


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