Garden Progress


One of my dear friends asked me to do an update on garden progress, and I wandered out into the garden with my camera. I’ve been photographing progress of the garden and journaling about it too… I want to learn something new from my garden every year.


My garden, despite the rather awful soil, is doing beautifully. In the fall, I’m going to till in black dirt, so I hope that helps next year’s garden. I spend many hours every week, kneeling down and weeding by hand. My hands are sorta permanently stained with dirt. There isn’t a whole lot more that’s more rewarding. I’ve been tossing down grass clippings in between rows in order to help squash the weeds. It seems to really help, except that I am terrified of walking on the grass clippings barefoot (I always like to garden barefoot), because the small animals have built tunnels in the grass mulch. I don’t want to step on them!


My raspberries probably won’t produce a lot this year because they were just transplanted this spring. But I’ll get enough to have some to snack on.


I have three ground cherry plants. Two of which are doing beautifully and look as though they will produce this year, and one is small and may not get too much larger.

IMG_2386 IMG_2388

My herbs are doing beautifully. I have tonnnnns of cilantro, lots of basil, thyme, parsley, and dill. My rosemary just never came up.


I have two types of peas, snap and shell. I’m surprised they are still producing this time of year, but it’s not been hot enough to kill them… yet…


I have four beautifully producing kale plants…. I can’t keep up with eating them!


I have a few brussel sprouts plants, broccoli, and cauliflower. None of which are producing yet.


Potatoes, my gosh are my potatoes doing wonderfully. I’ll just have to dig a few up and see how big they’re getting.


My beets and kohlrabi are looking nice. Neither are producing enough to eat yet…


I have some purple carrots, as well as orange. They’re getting bigger…..


My green bean plants are enormous. The other day, I was pulling weeds by the carrots, and a bean plant tapped me on the shoulder… I turned around and just laughed.


My cucumber plants are looking beautiful. They’re really spreading and fullllll of blossoms. I can’t wait for canning.


My peppers haven’t gotten all to large yet… I don’t know if it’s lack of heat, or just poor soil. But this one has a blossom on it!!


My tomatoes are faring about as well as my peppers…


This little fella watches over the garden. I got him from my sister’s garden. I just adore him!


This beautiful ladybug hangs out in the garden, too.. My lovely friend Carolyn painted it for me. I love having elements of the people I love in my garden. Especially since I spend so much time alone in my garden.




4 thoughts on “Garden Progress

  1. ShethP says:

    I couldn’t tell the difference between half the plants, but your enthusiasm and wonderful photographs have sparked in me an interest for gardening! 😀 Maybe I’ll have my own garden someday, too. But I won’t plant cauliflower. Nope.


    • Kayse says:

      Thank you 🙂 I love gardening! It’s amazing to be able to just go out to my backyard and pick some things to make for dinner. And everything tastes so much better when it’s fresh from the garden.


  2. ecceamor says:

    Ah, the Art of Botany ! Your blog is an ode to the beauty of nature. Bravo for your gorgeous production ! The garden is a small paradise for the passionate gardener. I like, in particular, your little raspberry ! 🙂


    • Kayse says:

      Thank you so very much! My garden certainly is a small paradise to me… I spend as much time as possible in my garden. There is nothing quite like being in the dirt..


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