Life Lately


Lately, I’ve been spending sooooo much time outside. I realized how soon snow will be falling here in Minnesota… It’s really not all that far away. And once it arrives…. It’s usually here for half the year. So, in the spirit of enjoying the beautiful weather while we’ve got it, I’ve been doing lots of hiking and adventuring.


I went to one of my favorite spots in Minnesota. Inspiration Peak. You can see for miles and miles up there. I spent three hours up there, and it just so happened that nobody else came up to the top the entire time I was there. You know those beautiful moments when you feel like the only person left in the world, when you’re disconnected from everything else and just enjoying true peace? It was beautiful.

IMG_5286 IMG_5288 IMG_5309

I brought the book I’ve been reading up to the Peak with me. Have any of you guys read Wild by Cheryl Strayed? It’s soooooo good! I’m almost finished with it. It’s the book we selected for my book club this month.


I started canning some things from my garden. Beets, cucumbers, and green beans. Eventually, I’ll do kohlrabi, carrots, maybe cauliflower…. More beets, cucumber, and green beans.

IMG_5406IMG_5468 IMG_5492 IMG_5505

I’ve also been spending a lot of time at a local park. The volunteers in charge of caring for the park have been restoring the native prairie and this time of year, it’s stunning. Full of bees, butterflies, and blossoms. There are some large rocks that are good for climbing and sitting on top of to read and think.


One of my very favorite people I’ve ever known came home from Connecticut for the weekend, and we took the opportunity to get up before sunrise and head out to the lake to paddle board and watch the sun come up. Life lately, has been beautiful. I love venturing out into nature to explore and soak it in.



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