Garden Progress


My garden is continuing to produce and look wonderfully beautiful. I planted some random flower seeds in one corner and it looks to me like it’s going to be a sunflower. It’s almost over my head!!!


Finally, a pepper that the deer haven’t eaten before it could actually start to grow. Actually, I watched a doe that still had her fawn spots wander into my garden yesterday. She just wandered through the yard and into the garden for a bit, then left.


My tomatoes have started turning. It looks to me like I will have quite a few. I have a ‘rescue’ tomato plant, one that was almost dead when I got it, and it came back to life! I have a few different varieties of tomatoes, and I’m interested to see which one produce best.


I have a few different varieties of tomatoes, and I’m interested to see which one produce best.


My cucumbers are growing like wild. I pick one or more cucumbers a day.


My beans are crazy. They’re allllll over and producing lots of beans.


My carrots are looking lovely. I have two varieties growing and they’re both delicious.


My kohlrabi, beets, and potatoes are growing wonderfully and I’ve been eating lots of all three.


Here’s a rescued cabbage plant that was one shriveled leaf when I brought it home….


Almost too much kale growing right now.


I planted a few fall crops- radishes, snap peas, andddd I can’t remember what else.


Letting my cilantro go to seed.


My ground cherries are starting to look really good! I can’t wait till they start dropping.


Any of you have a garden? What are you harvesting this year?



2 thoughts on “Garden Progress

  1. Brittany says:

    I am LOVING your garden oh my!! I go for a walk around my neighborhood each night, and have been watching my neighbors squash grow bigger and bigger each day! I lust over everyone else’s garden!


    • Kayse says:

      Thank you 🙂
      My garden is wayyyyyy more work than what I have time for, but somehow I’m keeping up with it! Thank heavens for spreading grass clippings in between rows to keep the weeds from taking off. I am seriously harvesting so much that I have to give stuff away all the time.


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