Wedding Photography: DeAnna and Kevin


I suddenly realized this morning that I haven’t shared any of my wedding photos from this wedding season yet! I’m talking weddings that go alllll the way back to May!  I work for Bella Rose Photography and Videography out of St. Cloud, MN as a wedding photographer… But I am starting to book my own clients for my own business for next years wedding season.

I obviously can’t release photos of weddings until after the bride + groom have received their photos, so I can’t post photos when I’m still all hyped up about a particular recent wedding… So this particular wedding is from May of this year.

This wedding was my first of the season (in Minnesota, weddings occur pretty rarely during winter, so there’s an really obvious wedding ‘season’). I shot it alone, which is pretty unusual. Most often, we shoot in pairs in order to get more variety of photographs, more support throughout the day, and an extra set of eyes to notice things like crooked necklaces and stray hairs.

My nerves were a little higher than usual on my travels to this event because as it was my first wedding in a few months and I had no support. I ran through all possible things that could go wrong on my hour long drive there… Not a single thing went wrong all day, except that it was slightly windier than one would like for picture taking.


This couple, DeAnna and Kevin, had the unmistakable love of two people who were truly a perfect fit together. Their wedding took place out on the hill behind their home, overlooking miles and miles of beautiful woods and fields, surrounded by close friends and family. I can’t imagine a more picturesque outdoor wedding in this part of Minnesota.


See?! A view for miles!


How many brides are willing to crawl up a six foot ladder and sit in a tree in their beautiful white gowns? Not many. But this was actually DeAnna’s idea! She asked me what I thought, and I’m sure my eyes were the size of saucers as I nodded and said, “If you’re willing to do that, I’d be thrilled!”


Red, shimmering heels? Classic pop of something special.

I hope to continue sharing some wedding photos as the season goes on and I have more of them that I can post about. Click on over to my portfolio website if you’d like to see more of my work.

Happy Labor Day! I hope you all are having a lovely day off of work!



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