Summer Bucket List Update

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Anybody remember my Summer Bucket List post? I looked back on it the other day and checked off the things I accomplished. This summer flew by soooo quickly. (Don’t they all?) I was either at my weekday job or shooting a wedding. Or weeding the garden! I’m thrilled with the fall weather, and I plan on writing a new fall bucket list as I sit at my lovely campsite this weekend. Happy Friday, folks!

  • Make homemade ice cream- Got a Kitchenaid mixer (FOR $29 AT A THRIFT STORE!!!!!!!), just gotta borrow my sister’s ice cream attachment. Ice cream is good in fall, too!
  • Go to the farmer’s market
  • Learn a new song on my dulcimer- I learned a new song on my harmonica. Let It Go, from Frozen. Despite my issues with the movie, it’s my nieces favorite and she was pretty darn excited to hear me play Let It Go for her.
  • Take a long bike ride- I have a cruiser bike that I bought a few years back and thought it was great when I lived in town and drove back and forth to work, and wasn’t biking up and down hills on country roads. I think I oughta sell my cruiser and get something more practical for long rides.
  • Go roller blading
  • Watch fireworks
  • Go swimming with my nieces- 
  • Spend at least five days on my favorite lake
  • Have several bonfires
  • Watch some live music outdoors
  • Go golfing
  • Do an oil painting (before I really began to love watercolors, I liked oils best)
  • Go computer-less one day a week (I don’t have a smart phone, so this will be especially easy)
  • Do a LOT of yoga Most every day. Even ten minutes a day helps maintain and is long enough to slow down for a few.
  • Read good books
  • Get strong arms (this goes with the above mentioned, lots of yoga)   Well, they’re stronger than they were! HahaIt’ll take some more time to get these noodle arms ‘strong’.

Did you write a summer bucket list? If so, did you do all the things on it?!


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