Camping Adventures at Glendalough State Park


Recently I had a weekend off (doesn’t happen often during wedding season)! I decided it would be the perfect weekend to take one of my very best friends, Julia, out on a camping adventure. She’ll be the first to tell you that she’s not super outdoorsy, which just added to the experience in my opinion. In fact, she told me that she hated camping!! Sooooo, of course I had to show her how great camping could be.  We only camped for one night, but the weather was perfect and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


Along the way, I took Julia to one of my favorite spots in the state, Inspiration Peak, which I also wrote about here. It’s beautiful and you can see for miles and miles. It’s a tough hike to the top… but it’s well worth being out of breath when you get there. We just don’t have a lot of high points around the area, so it’s really something special to be this far above sea level.


Still at the peak…. We sat a little way off from where most of the other tourists were and enjoyed the view in peace.


When we got to Glendalough State Park, we did a little hiking.. There’s a large, wonderful prairie right near the camping area.


We set up camp and relaxed and ate a snack. We packed a ridiculous amount of food, but it served us well. I think we ate a good majority of it… There’s nothing like meals over a fire!


Cast iron pan on a fire.. perfect. There is no better way to cook! For supper the first day, we had black bean and garden veggie burritos, corn on the cob, and green beans with tomatoes. Then after hiking again, we wrapped pears in foil and baked them until they were tender and the sugars caramelized. They were possibly the most delicious thing I have EVER eaten! Really. In the morning, I got up before Julia, put on my winter coat (yes, it was necessary!!) and built up a fire. I got some coffee brewing and set a cup in the tent next to Julia. She doesn’t run very efficiently without a little coffee fuel. For breakfast, we had fried polenta cakes with maple and onion baked beans. I ate until I couldn’t eat any more. Then we went canoeing…. upstream, against the wind…. It took us about 2 and a half hours to get from one point to the other. I didn’t take any pictures though, because I wasn’t about to risk bringing  my camera on a canoe.


The view from the prairie near our campsite. It was spectacular. Soooo beautiful at sunset!


We made a small friend… I took this picture without a zoom lens. I literally got this close to the little creature!! Soooooo darn cute. Look at those little hands! I forgot a bag of sunflower seeds out on the table when we went hiking and when I came back, the bag was torn open and there were sunflower seed shells everywhere.


When we sat down at the end of the evening, we both were so exhausted and relaxed that when we first started talking about going to bed, we realized it was barely after 7 o clock. I think we did make it till about 10, though.


Sunsets on the prairie. Thanks Glendalough State Park for the wondrous weekend. And, thanks Julia, for giving camping another chance!


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