Wedding Photography: Mollie and Ryan


My life is sooooo busy right now. It’s wedding season, I’m quitting one job and starting 1, possibly two new jobs… I’m gaining more clients for my photography business… And I have a commissioned painting in progress. Plus, I’m starting to wrap up the garden for the season and maintain some semblance of a social life. I am thrilled with all of the amazing opportunities I have going on, but I will be glad when things get a little simpler and I get to slow down again. I haven’t had time to read, and barely make time for yoga right now, despite the fact that yoga is what would make me feel best right now. My blog has taken the sideline to all this mayhem, but I’ve got some exciting recipes and diy projects scheduled, so things will get back to normal soon.

Without further ado, here are a few shots from one of my weddings this summer. Mollie and Ryan were amazing… It’s interesting to see how couples interact, and the two of them had this quiet, humbling love between them.


Bridesmaids movie inspired! This was one of the bridesmaids ideas, and I think it’s got the perfect amount of sass, no?


The mosquitoes were sooooooooo awful this day. I couldn’t believe they were willing to walk back into the woods.. But, I did learn a little trick to keep the bugs off temporarily without having to stink like bug spray. Dryer sheets! For some reason, if you rub yourself with dryer sheets, they don’t bite as much! I keep some in my camera bag now.


My favorite picture of almost any couple is usually one in which they’re laughing.


There were cross-shaped windows in a set of doors that lead into the church, so I had Mollie and Ryan positioned outside the doors and shot from inside to get this neat little framed shot.



Gotta love dancing children. They’re one of my favorite parts of shooting receptions.


She’s stunning, isn’t she?!!?


Shot for Bella Rose Photography and Videography, Saint Cloud, MN.


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