DIY Fall Wreath


Fall is my favorite season. I’ve been daydreaming about halloween costumes since… Well, since last Halloween. Why don’t we have more holidays on which we get to wear costumes?!

Anyways, I finally took my spring wreath down. Heck, it looked good for summertime too, so I just left it up. My friend Julia, who I mentioned in my post about camping at my favorite state park, helped me make this wreath (as well as the one from springtime). I love sitting around with a wonderful friend and crafting and catching up.

I was shopping at a dollar store with my sister and my nieces and there was a huuuuge selection of fake flowers (and halloween decorations, yahooo!). So my niece Sophia and I set about finding the perfect combination of flowers for a wreath. I think I spent about ten dollars on the flowers, which was fine with me. I can reuse the flowers for another project if I should decide, or I can just hang this wreath up again and again. I enjoy projects that I can disassemble and make into something new again.



  • Variety of fake flowers in corresponding colors
  • Twig wreath (I got mine at JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Wire cutters


If your flowers aren’t already singles and have connected stems, cut them so that they are separate from each other. You want about 5-6 inches of stem remaining.


Wind stems into twig wreath, filling the front side of the wreath with different colors. I like to try to keep mine from looking too much like there is a set pattern, so I just fill it in and readjust and then fill in any open spaces.

Trim any excess stems that are sticking out.

Hang on the door (or a wall or mantle) and enjoy!



Have you started decorating for fall/halloween yet?!




6 thoughts on “DIY Fall Wreath

  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    I do have a Champion juicer if you want to borrow it and see if you like it. I did a lot of juicing last fall when I got free produce from people. I also have a Vitamix so I do more whole smoothies.


  2. Lisa Anderson says:

    Oh did make your blueberry/groats breakfast recipe. I hadn’t made groats before, so want to experiment with them some more.


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