Garden Progress


This might be one of my final garden progress posts for the summer. The weather is starting to get cool, and I also have to put a load of black dirt in this space. We didn’t do it this spring because, well, there just wasn’t time to deal with it. So, this summer I’ve been working with some pretty sad soil, but hey, things grew. I did record my progress and lessons learned in my garden journal. I’ve had very few problems. Potato bugs, cruddy soil, millions of mosquitoes, and deer that ate off the tops of several kinds of plants, but other than that, I’ve eaten so very many wonderful veggies from my garden. For that I feel truly blessed and grateful.

Moving on, things that are still growing… Ground cherries, in the above picture. Have you ever had them?


Planted some fall radishes… hopefully I can get some out of the ground before we’ve got to put in the black dirt. I miss garden fresh radishes! My spring radishes burned up pretty early on in the summer.


Fall peas, hopefully.

IMG_1138 IMG_1136 IMG_1134

My cruciferous vegetable forest. My brussels sprouts are trimmed and I’m realllllllly hoping I can at least get some baby sprouts, but I really doubt it. My broccoli is producing, though.


My kohlrabis are almost done. I took this before the deer came through and ate the tops off of all of the beets. Ahhhhhh. What can I do?!


Still some carrots in the ground…


The cucumbers are dying off.


I loooove how thickly the pole beans and cucumbers grew in together.


A deer ate about a foot off of the top of the beans. I am pretty sure I know which deer it was, too. I’ve seen her in there before.

IMG_1123 IMG_1121 IMG_1118

My sunflowers. These sunflowers are just so amazing. One is about six feet tall. I’ve never grown sunflowers before. They’re so neat!


The tomatoes are so sad this year. Still producing, but sad.

Anyways, did any of you guys have a garden this year? What items grew best in your garden?





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