DIY Ombre Throw Blanket


I’ve been dragging this blanket around like Linus from Peanuts… Anyone else love their DIY projects so much that whenever they make something new, it becomes your sidekick?  This DIY cost me $5. Five dollars! That’s all! I found one similar online for $70. I actually didn’t plan on make this but I bought this dye to alter my halloween costume, and since I still had plenty left I grabbed this cream colored blanket off my bed and ran outside with this as well. And I’m stoked about how it turned out!

My life is finally slowing down enough that I have time to get back to DIY projects, well-planned meals, and relaxing outside. My blog will finally get some much need attention again! It’s a relief. Such a relief.



  • Dye in whatever color you choose.
  • Light colored cotton blanket (I got mine at a thrift store for $1 and washed it several times to be rid of stranger germs.)
  • A large tub or tote
  • Water


Begin by preparing your dye bath as directed on your dye package. I like to put my dye in a large plastic tote so I have plenty of area to work with and keep from spilling over.

Wet the blanket in area where you want the topmost stain of your dye to cover. The dye will creep up the wet area on it’s own accord and give it a more natural gradient.


Dip the blanket in the dye reserving 3 inches or so of the already wet area. Lift blanket 6-10 inches out of dye bath and leave remaining end of blanket in dye bath. Leave for a half hour or more, depending on how intense you want the color to be.


After the blanket has been in the dye for the desired amount of time, rinse dyed end of blanket with cold water. 


Hang blanket out to dry or put in a dryer. Make your bed or toss over the back of your couch and enjoy!



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