This Video Gave Me Chills….

I just have to share this link…. I saw this video and it struck such a chord with me. I don’t have a smart phone or facebook, but I certainly have done my share of opting out of real social interaction in favor of staying home alone, reading blogs and texting my best friend instead of just going to see her. I am notoriously hermit-like, though, with or without technology. But technology certainly makes it easy to still feel connected without real connection. I met a young lady recently that didn’t know how to read a clock and never needed to learn how because her phone was always in her pocket. It blew my mind. Thirteen years old and can’t tell time on an actual clock, but probably spends upwards of three hours a day

Really, the power of the technology that exists in our world is amazing, but let’s spend less time on our phones, computers, ipads… And more time with friends, family, books, and nature.


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