Sugar Skull Garland DIY with Free Printable


Halloween is my favorite holiday by far. I’ve always loved black cats, pumpkins, and skulls. I especially love dressing up for Halloween. The day after Halloween, I start planning my costume for the next year. This year I am going to dress up as Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Blue painted face and all.

One of my favorite Halloween memories… When I was a little girl, we adopted a black cat from a friend. He was an outdoor cat, and shortly after we brought him home he disappeared for a few months. On Halloween morning, my mom was in the bathroom blow drying her hair and I heard her scream when she turned off the hair dryer. I ran onto the bathroom, and there was Max, our big black cat, suddenly reappeared and sitting in the window sill on Halloween. How perfect! He was the best cat.


I’ve been thinking about how to decorate the mantle for halloween for months.. I don’t own the house I live in,  and I’m not allowed to paint even though I hate this red wall. It makes me feel like any decorations I put on the mantle look silly, but I decorated the mantle for Halloween anyway. As a finishing touch, I decided it needed garland of some kind, and sugar skulls seemed perfect.

I took a black and white sugar skull outline I had on my computer from an earlier drawing and copy pasted it sixteen up on an 8.5 x 11″ page. I then printed it onto watercolor paper. That jpg is at the bottom of the page, ready for you to print for your own sugar skull garland. Just color it in using paint, markers, or pencil. It’d actually look pretty neat without color in a black and white decor setting!


Color skulls in using the medium of your choice (I used watercolor) and grab scissors, tape, a stapler, and yarn.


Cut around the outsides of all skulls. Leave a small amount of white space around the edges.


Measure the amount of yarn you’ll need for the length of the garland you wish to create. Lay this piece of yarn out in a straight line. Set out skulls along the piece of yarn so that you can get a visual of the amount of spacing you’ll need in between each skull.


You could use tape to put these together, but I used a stapler because it isn’t as visible on the finished product. Staple the skulls along the length of the yarn.


Tape it up wherever you choose. Remember if you’re putting it up about a fireplace to keep it up high, away from the heat. Enjoy!


Here’s the free printable jpg…

sugar skull garland diy


How are you decorating for Halloween?




8 thoughts on “Sugar Skull Garland DIY with Free Printable

  1. Marfigs says:

    These are so pretty – thank you for sharing! My husband *loves* skull themes so I think I’ll surprise him with these 😀

    Also, that red wall is stunning – I can’t imagine why you don’t like it!


      • Marfigs says:

        Haha! Ok, so maybe not so great in person, but I could see the spongey effect and was practically on the verge of begging my husband to let me repaint our fireplace section that wonderful colour :p I guess I’ll reconsider – but those skulls are definitely still a keeper 🙂


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