Weekly Wishes #1


I’ve been following Melyssa’s blog, The Nectar Collective, for quite a few months now.. And she’s just so GREAT! I don’t know many bloggers who write with as much enthusiasm as Melyssa! She hosts a weekly blog link up that focuses on setting goals and encouraging each other to achieve them.

I’m an absolute nut about writing to-do lists and goal lists. For me, the best way to focus on what I need to accomplish is to see it on paper. Melyssa’s goal link up seems like the perfect way to keep track of some of my goals, so here goes Weekly Wishes #1….

1. Start a society6 store for my photography. I’ve got one for my paintings, but I have loads of photos that I’d love to put up in a shop. I just don’t think my paintings and my photos will work together in one shop….

2. Reorganize my computer. I have wayyyyyy to many photos on my computer. I need to back everything up onto my harddrive, then get it off of my computer.

3. Make thank you cards. I’m always making last minute thank you cards…. I need to sit down and just make a stack of them so they’re there when I need them.

4. Go for a bike ride. I have only ridden my bike once since spring. ONCE! When I lived in town, I biked to work most days, but now that I’m living in the country, I forget I even have a bike! I need to ride once more before the snow falls.

5. Paint something, anything. I need to paint… It doesn’t matter what it is, but I need to sit down with my paints and just enjoy.

6. Get photos printed. I have tonnnnnnns of photos of my nieces that I need to put into my albums. Isn’t it strange that we rarely print photos anymore?!

7. Sign up for VVPYesssss, the Virtual Vegan Potluck is backkkkk!

P.S. Did everyone have a lovely Halloween?!?! Mine was great– I went trick or treating with my nieces, sister, and one of my closest friends, then watched movies all night with my blue face… How’d I do as Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride? My hairline is still stained blue…..




8 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #1

  1. estherjulee says:

    your costume looks amazing. though i didn’t write them as this month’s goals, i feel like i’m constantly needing to reorganize my photos, get them printed (always on the backburner for me), and paint. good luck on your goals and welcome to WW! 🙂


    • Kayse says:

      Thank you!!! I wanted to be Beetlejuice, but my four-year-old niece said it’d be too scary… Maybe next year 🙂 Or maybe next year I’ll just do a bunch of Halloween costume makeup tutorials?!

      Are you signed up for VVP?!?!


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