Embroidered Gift Box DIY


As much as I dislike the early onset of holiday season (is it just me or are there Christmas decorations in the stores earlier and earlier every year?!), I’m guilty of already beginning to figure out what to make for my friends and family for Christmas gifts this year. It takes soooo much more planning, in my opinion, to make all your gifts. For five-ish years now, I’ve made almost every holiday gift I’ve given to someone.

Along with handmade gifts goes crafty packaging…. I’m pretty notorious for just wrapping gifts in newspaper. Tacky, I know, but I can’t justify buying a roll of wrapping paper when I have old newspapers or paper bags at home!! It seems like such a waste of resources. I’m trying to get better about it though because most people seem a bit put off when I spend hours painting something for them and wrap it in old newspaper.

An idea came to me the other day when I was dreaming up ways to attractively package flash drives of photos for my clients that choose to buy all their files… I was thinking about how nicely a usb would fit into one of those little cardboard jewelry boxes, then, BOOM! Idea struck. I could embroider the boxes with my logo! These would work perfectly to package cute little gifts though.. Handmade jewelry, little chocolates, any little treasures. It took my about fifteen minutes to create this, and I just adore them! Perfect packaging to send out to my clients!



  • Small cardboard jewelry or gift boxes (I used these)
  • Scissors
  • Tape (if you’re stenciling your design on)
  • Tagboard for a stencil if you aren’t freehanding your design
  • Pencil
  • Embroidery thread and needles
  • Thumbtack


Begin by drawing or tracing a stencil onto a piece a tagboard if you can’t free hand the design. Tape the stencil onto the lid of the box.


Using a pencil, lightly trace around the stencil or freehand a design if you can.


Use a thumbtack to poke holes around the outline of the design. If you get them too close, the cardboard will just rip, so try to give them a little bit of space without losing the integrity of the design.


Thread the embroidery needle and use a backstitching technique to fill around the shape. Go slowly and don’t pull the thread too hard… I tore a hole or two, but was able to cover them. When you get all the way around the design, use a finishing knot to tie it off. Cut the loose thread hanging from the end of the knot.

Embroideredgift box7

Ta-daaaaa! Adorable little custom-designed gift boxes!!!! Enjoy! 🙂


Here’s how I’m using mine– USB boxes for my client’s photographs!

Anybody else starting to brainstorm holiday gifts yet?



4 thoughts on “Embroidered Gift Box DIY

    • Kayse says:

      Thank you!!! I’ve sorta given up painting for embroidery lately. I just learned how to (properly) embroider this year so I’ve still got that new-hobby-thrill!


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