Weekly Wishes #3


I am loving this weekly goal link up!! Thanks, Melyssa, for hosting it!!

If you’re just tuning in, Weekly Wishes is a goal setting community hosted by Melyssa of The Nectar Collective. We all link up and share our personal goals and encourage each other to achieve them.

Last week’s goals…

1. Make thank you cards. I designed some using a photograph I’d taken, so I’d consider this done!

2. Do yoga every day this week. I do think I accomplished this!!

3. Embroider. I did do an embroidery project… I’ll be posting a DIY for it soon 🙂

4. Design wedding invite for one of my best clients. I’m working on it!

5. Adopt a turkey! Check!! I love sponsoring a turkey for Thanksgiving. Thanks to Farm Sanctuary!

6. Send some postcards. I sure did. 

7. Create a new piece of artwork. The wedding invite I’m working contains illustrations and hand drawn letters 🙂


This week’s goals

1. Go snowshoeing three times. There is pretty much nothing else I can do outside because the snow is just sooooo deep.

2. Do more embroidery. I have a stack of embroidery projects to do…

3. Finalize the wedding invite I am designing. I’m super excited about it so far… hand drawn lettering and all.

4. Decide what to make for Thanksgiving. At our giant family Thanksgiving feast, the only plant-based dish at the table is what I make, sooooo I usually make a few.

5. Finish reading Off the Grid. Then, start a new book.

6. Paint something, anything. I can’t believe how few paintings I did over the summer. Time to catch up.


The Nectar Collective

What are your goals for this week?! 


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #3

    • Kayse says:

      I’d love to take you snowshoeing if you came to MN! Its been unbearably cold the last week.. Hopefully this week will be warm enough to snowshoe through the woods!
      Good luck not eating the cookies. I made cookies last week andddd… Well they didn’t last long. Yummm


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