DIY Sugar Skull Embroidered Elbow Patch Sweater


Hahahaha.. long title, but I couldn’t think of a way to shorten it. It is what it is!

I’ve been on a roll with embroidery. It’s so relaxing, and once the idea is drawn on fabric, it doesn’t take much thought. So it’s perfect for a movie marathon. Or just some quiet time to wind down after work.


Draw your design on plain white fabric. I use pencil, but there are embroidery transfer pens available at craft stores. I shrunk down a photo of a painting I did of a sugar skull and transferred the skull design from there.


I used a backstitching technique for the whole project. I’m usually very careful about the back sides of my projects- I try to keep them super neat and not have any loose threads hanging, but for this project, I didn’t worry all too much since I knew the back sides wouldn’t matter once they were sewn on to the sweater. This was a lazy day project, after all, ha!


Once I finished embroidering the whole design on both pieces of fabric, I trimmed around them in an oval shape. Then I used (and ruined) a paintbrush to paint the Fray Block around the edges. I let it dry completely.


I cut small triangles out around the edges to make it easier to fold the patch into a round shape.


Then, I put my sweater on, grabbed some white chalk, and marked where my elbows were with the chalk.


I folded the edges over so that the patch was in a oval shape and pinned the patch over the chalk marks on the elbows of my sweater, with the outermost edges folded under. Then, I hand-stitched all around the edges of the patch to attach it. Tied off the end of the thread, and ta-da!!


What kind of shapes would you want as elbow patches on a sweater?!





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