Weekly Wishes #4


I love this weekly goals link up hosted by Melyssa, of The Nectar Collective. Since I started it, I’ve gotten so much better at writing down my goals for the week and double checking my list so that I am reminded of what I need to do. Come, join in! It’s really great!

Last week’s goals

1. Go snowshoeing three times. Totally did!! 

2. Do more embroidery. I didn’t do any embroidery this last week. 

3. Finalize the wedding invite I am designing. I have a finalized design approved, just have to make it happen. 

4. Decide what to make for Thanksgiving. One of my darling cousins requested one of my giant green salads with homemade dressing.. and I’m thinking some kind of wild rice salad and/or roasted vegetables?

5. Finish reading Off the Grid. I did read quite a bit more of it, but I didn’t finish it.

6. Paint something, anything. I didn’t paint, but I did do quite a bit of drawing and calligraphy.

So, I didn’t accomplish all of my goals last week, but that’s ok! There is only so much time in the day, and I’m notorious for trying to get too much done. (Which is a bad habit I need to break!)


This week’s goals

1. Go snowshoeing at least three times, again. It rained here yesterday, and the snow got all slushy and sloppy, but it’s snowing right now… That should mean things will be good for snowshoeing again.

2. Do yoga every day this week. Before summer started, I did yoga every single day, habitually. It was part of my daily routine. Then wedding season started, and while I should’ve been doing yoga the most during that season, working six days a week left me too drained to do anything but eat and sleep. So, as a part of my self-care routine for winter, back to the yoga mat!!

3. Finish the book I am reading, then start a new one. I have a huge stack of books on my nightstand that need reading. I need to start tackling it.

4. Plan a holiday get-together with some friends. I usually have a holiday get-together of some kind with the friends I grew up with, but as we get older it gets harder and harder to mesh schedules.

5. Figure out what to make for my friends and family for Christmas gifts. Making homemade gifts takes so much more planning, but I love giving gifts that I made myself.



The Nectar Collective

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #4

  1. said-simply says:

    I took up snowshoeing last year and there is this magical experience of being out in the utter cold in deep snow and the sound of silence is so deep and peaceful. I found those experiences nearly addictive. Finding peace and balance are incredibly important to staying healthy and feeling alive!


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