Weekly Wishes #5

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I had a lovely visit with family and made a giant salad to share and my Wild Rice Pilaf. I got to have a nice long weekend and relaxed quite a bit. It was wonderfulllllll.

Back on track again, planning my goals for the week… For the last five weeks, I’ve been participating in Melyssa of The Nectar Collective‘s Weekly Wishes goal link up. And I’m loving it! It motivates me so much more when I know I’ll be checking in on my to do list.


Last Week’s Goals…

1. Go snowshoeing at least three times, again. I went once, but the weather we had last week make the snow too difficult to get through.

2. Do yoga every day this week. I think I did! 

3. Finish the book I am reading, then start a new one. I finished the book I was reading!

4. Plan a holiday get-together with some friends. We set a date! Now to figure out what dish to bring along and serve.

5. Figure out what to make for my friends and family for Christmas gifts. I started making some of my Christmas gifts already… I want to have them all done early; I usually wait till last minute to get it all done.


This Week’s Goals

1. Plan my garden for next year. Yes, I’m already thinking about next years garden. I think it’s going to be huge, I’m planning on working with my neighbor as well.

2. Start reading a new book from my stack. I finally finished the book I’ve been reading and it’s time to start a new one.

3. Rearrange my office. It needs a little sprucing up.

4. Write some letters and cards. I’ve really been into snail mail lately.

5. Start creating some holiday recipes.


What are your goals for the week?


The Nectar Collective

8 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #5

  1. Allison says:

    Visiting from the link-up — That’s so cool you’re already planning your garden! We finally pulled our tomatoes and some other seasonal plants and I’ve been thinking about getting some flowers just to add color for the next couple months.
    Good luck with everything this week!


  2. Gillian says:

    Very impressed you’re already garden planning for next year! Can totally relate. It’s nice to think about the warmer weather on the other side of this already chilly winter! Best of luck with your other goals this week!


    • Kayse says:

      Thank you, Gillian! Garden planning is one of the few things that helps keep me from getting awful cabin fever once the snow falls.
      I hope you accomplish all your goals this week! Your blog is beautifulllllll!!!!


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