Homemade Essential Oil Soaps


Now that it’s December, I’m starting to cram making Christmas gifts. These soaps, though, are almost going to be hard to give away. They smell soooo good. And the chrysanthemum shaped mold, ahhhh! I looked for hours to find a mold I liked… There were some, well, weird ones out there. There’s some sort of bumblebee/honeycomb trend going on in the silicon mold world…..??

Anyways, if you get a melt and pour soap base, it’s super super quick and easy to make your own soap! I chose to go with a melt and pour base instead of buying all the supplies to make the base myself.




Set up a double boiler. When pan is hot, chop soap base into smaller chunks. Melt down soap base- I used one 2 pound block to make 6 bars in my chrysanthemum mold.


To the melting soap base, add 1 Tbsp shea butter and 1 tbsp cocoa butter. Once the soap base and butters have melted, whisk until blended together. Whisk in essential oils of your choice. I used about a tablespoon of oils, total. I made several different blends.


Pour into soap mold.


Allow to dry completely, then remove from mold. There was absolutely no sticking at all with this mold, and it turned inside out so it was super easy to remove the soaps.


Tada!!!! Super simple, plant-based, homemade soaps with wonderful smelling essential oils! These make great holiday gifts. The middle one in the photo above has lavender buds in it for scent and exfoliation.

My favorite blend was sandalwood, frankincense, vanilla, patchouli, and tangerine. Yummmmm!


I wrapped mine up in parchment paper and made little labels for them. On the backside, the labels list the essential oils used. The labels on the front have the name of a Greek goddess- like Demeter: Goddess of the harvest for a really earthy smelling soap.



This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links from Mountain Rose Herbs, I’ll receive a small payment for referring you to their site.

9 thoughts on “Homemade Essential Oil Soaps

  1. eseelen says:

    Oh my goodness gracious I LOVE love LOVE these especially that mold you found! Stunning! May I buy them all from you? Just kidding, but seriously, you have inspired me!


  2. Sheri K says:

    Thanks for reposting the link for the end of the year. I missed it the first time around but these look lovely. Love Mountain Rose Herbs too! 🙂


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