Weekly Wishes #6

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Here’s another set of weekly goals. These totally keep me on track! Thanks, Melyssa, for hosting the Weekly Wishes link-up!

Last Week’s Goals

1. Plan my garden for next year. Well, I got a start. I have bigggg plans for next summer… My neighbor and I have plans in the works to start a huge garden and get a little produce farm going. Soooo it’s going to take some planning.

2. Start reading a new book from my stack. I diiiiid. Have any of you read Water for Elephants before? I just started it.

3. Rearrange my office. In the works.

4. Write some letters and cards. I did!

5. Start creating some holiday recipes. I sure did.


This Week’s Goals

1. Read the book I started. I spend a lot of hours reading blogs and random articles, but I used to read books for hours on end. I want that to become a habit again.

2. Participate in the VVP. It’s back again, the Virtual Vegan Potluck! Yayyy!

3. Make Christmas gifts. I try to make most of mine, but it sure takes time. I have a good dent in them, but I still have some big ones to finish.

4. Share sales from my society6 stores. I got an email over the weekend to let me know about the sales I can offer in my store this week… and there are some amazing deals coming up!

5. Spend more time outside this week than I did last week. I’m going to be pet sitting over the weekend and I can’t wait to play outside with the dogs!

6. Do a couple of long yoga sessions. Lately, I’ve only been doing 15-30 minutes sessions. I want to do a couple of hour long sessions this week.



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