Holiday Gift Idea: Essential Oil Bath Salts


I’ve been working on creating all my holiday gifts for friends and family in my free time… This one was quick and easy to do and could be made in a massive batch to give to several people.

I loooove putting essential oils and Epsom salt in my baths. Epsom salt draw impurities out of skin, helps relax sore muscles, and are said to even help relieve migraines, colds, and flu symptoms. Add in some essential oils for relaxation, and there you have it. A great gift to give to friends and family for Christmas, and even better if you pair it with Homemade Essential Oil Soap. Also, this made my house smell amazing while I was making it.

IMG_4910 IMG_4891


Unscented Epsom Salt (I bought a large carton of it, probably about a half gallon)

Essential Oils of your choice- I used lemon, frankincense, vanilla, eucalyptus, and rosemary


Large bowl for mixing


This is quite simple- for about a half gallon of Epsom salt, I mixed in about 1 Tbsp of essential oils, total. Just pour in the oils and mix until they’re incorporated throughout. Then pour into jars and label or wrap however you see fit.

I made little labels and ‘laminated’ them with clear packing tape, tied the labels on with hemp string, and tucked a little sprig of pine in the string to give it a little festive cheer. This Grinch just might be getting enough holiday cheer in her system to wrap gifts in something other than newspaper this year. Weird.




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