Life Lately


I haven’t done this in quite some time! The last time was August! The weather has changed so very much since that post. This last weekend, it was crazy foggy and warm! It was 45 degrees at one point, which is super unusual for December here. Then, it rained all day yesterday, then snowed, and dropped down into the teens. Yep. That’s Minnesota.

Anyways, I had some really lovely adventures this past weekend. I was dog/cat/house sitting for my Aunt. It was sooooo hard to leave those dogs and that adorable cat.


See, the fog was pretty darn thick! I loooove fog, though. Almost as much as sunshine.



Soooooooo cute. Orca is the best snuggler.


This is JaDe, she THINKS she’s best snuggler, but she’s really more like a tiny puppy stuck in a 100+ pound body. But still, soooooo sweet and precious.


Moose would ask to go outside just as I was getting ready for bed. He is soooo snuggly. Until he decides he’s not. Ya know how cats do that snuggle, snuggle, snuggle, ATTACK thing? He’s guilty of it.


I went with my family to see the Canadian Pacific Christmas Train a few towns over. Despite the fact that I tend to be grinchy, it was reallllllly cool! The above picture is the crowd waiting for the train to come in the fog. The little peanut in pigtails up on someone’s shoulders on the left side– that’s my niece.


Here she is again, plugging her ears because the train was blowing it’s whistle. She was so excited! We all were!


Here it is! I couldn’t believe I forgot to bring my wide angle lens, though. Duh!


That’s my Pop, and my other niece. You can totally see a look of wonder on his face, too, no?


It was pretty darn cool!


After the Christmas Train, we drove a few miles to a house that has tonnnnns of lights set up that move and flash along with music. It was so cool! And, obviously the house likes it, look how happy it is!


Ooooohhh, ahhhhhh!


I just had to take a picture of the tracks in the fog.

So, that’s life lately. Busy, but good.


5 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. said-simply says:

    Kayse, great post! Your nieces are adorable. I think that was a look of wonder on your Dad’s face. We all become kids again at Christmas in certain ways. Your post helped put me in the spirit of the season just a little more! Thanks and Merry Christmas! 🙂


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