Weekly Wishes #8

weeklywishestitlecard copy

This is week eight of participating in the Weekly Wishes linkup hosted by Melyssa of the Nectar Collective.

Last Week’s Goals

1. Complete a painting. Hmmmm… I don’t think I did. I did do a couple of small embroidery projects, though!

2. Finish up creating and wrapping all my Christmas gifts. I did it!

3. Catch up on letter writing. I wrote some cards and letters this week!

4. Update my portfolio site. I sure did! Check it out!


This Week’s Goals

1. Combine my lists of goals for 2015. I have a few… I just need to bet them organized.

2. Paint. Anything.

3. Read more of Sand County Almanac. It’s a favorite of one of my best friends, so I think I must read it.

4. Fully enjoy every moment of my Christmas celebrations. ‘Nuff said.

5. Work on designs for Laura’s 2015 Run Across America. I’m helping Laura get some designs put together to help support the goal of her 2015 Run Across America. Check it out 🙂


The Nectar Collective
What are your goals for the week?!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #8

  1. Jenny says:

    Yay for finishing up your Christmas gift creating + wrapping last week! I’m still doing some last minute shopping myself, haha. Good luck with your goals this week, and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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